John Mark McMillan – Enemy, Love

What do you get when you combine the soulful, heartfelt pining of Hozier with the cheery, uplifting falsettos of Mat Kearney? You get this new single from John Mark McMillan. I’m eager to share it because it is about John’s relentless battle with anxiety and how he needs to give up his desire to control everything in his life to God every day. This theme is something I have had trouble with my life, too, so this song has special importance to me.

John Mark McMillan isn’t the first CCM artist to sing openly about mental illness. Josh Wilson wrote “Carry Me” about the panic attacks he was having before his shows. I saw Josh in concert around the time of this release and recall him telling stories about how he couldn’t even get up on stage without having a nervous breakdown. The stage fright was so heavy on his soul that he couldn’t even muster the courage to perform. Needless to say, he is doing much better now and has been successful in his performing career.

You can hear more of John Mark McMillan’s music and see where he is touring in the United States on his website here.


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