Inward Groaning

There’s something in your heart, you cannot beat it
Much like a fire that cannot be defeated
An inward groaning, but you cannot heed it
How would you know – you’re too conceited
Addicted to the life you’re gleaming like an ornament
Chained like a beast to it’s testament – you’re tied to sin
Living without hope, you look up to the firmament
And wonder if it’s worth the fight or whether you’re just
Giving in.

If you feel like there’s more to this life you’ve been living
Convicted by the Truths of a God who’s been given
All authority under heaven and on earth to give a new start
What He requires is to love Him with your mind, soul, your heart
Turning water into wine before the Pharisees
Jesus said “take my yoke – my burden is easy”
He wishes to support us like a brook beside the vine trees
His selfless love on the cross is what this victory guarantees.


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