25 Songs For the Hard Days

We all have to learn how to manage suffering – it’s part of our fallen nature. For this reason the saying originally penned by Ian MacLaren is adopted by many: “be kind to everyone you meet, for you don’t know what kind of battles they are facing.” Being a particularly difficult subject to understand, sometimes […]

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Ministry of Presence

One of the most intimate and beautiful aspects of being a nurse is what I like to call the “ministry of presence.” It’s the ability to heal just by being present. You may have heard this in a palliative context where someone will say “just knowing he/she was there helped me get through it” or […]

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Music to Make You Scratch Your Head

I’m not talking about Stairway to Heaven or Hotel California, both of which are purposefully imperceptible (both bands left the lyrical interpretation up to the listener – because art). These tunes will make you think big thoughts (“your future self is thinking about you in the form of a memory right now”) or just give […]

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Turn to You

Today the good days faded And I’m faced with darkness Your light carries me through As I turn to You. Salvation comes from You alone It gives value to the valueless, Meaning to the meaningless Your blessing covers all who ask. Sometimes it’s hard to see Your light The world can bend me out of […]

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Inward Groaning

There’s something in your heart, you cannot beat it Much like a fire that cannot be defeated An inward groaning, but you cannot heed it How would you know – you’re too conceited Addicted to the life you’re gleaming like an ornament Chained like a beast to it’s testament – you’re tied to sin Living without hope, […]

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Once I took a stroll to study my odd assortment And saw an old man sit alone with strange deportment I asked him how he spent so many years sitting there Staring at the world through iron bars and thinning hair “Barbed wire between my fingers, ink tears on my face I know my worn […]

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